Hudson Valley e-commerce development

We are your web robots, behind the scenes, making things work.

Hidden Gears provides essential ecommerce and web development services to small businesses and non-profits across the country.

Have you ever wished all your software talked to each other? Have you ever felt like your business could run more efficiently but your shopping cart, POS terminal, and accounting program just won't work together?

Hidden Gears is ready to be your e-commerce solution.
For projects big and small, we make it happen.

We make the gears turn.

e-commerce made easy

You can sell online. Already selling? You can sell smarter. Fulfilling orders? Stop the headaches. We make eCommerce a seamless no-brainer.

360 integration

We make your software work for you. If your business is running on software that doesn't go together, we'll make it work.


We are a Shopify Partner, with experience in download delivery (e-goods), UPS WorldShip and QuickBooks integration.


Magento offers unparalleled customization, and we deploy your store with integrated order management and accounting.

We make your web store work for you.

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