Field Company

We helped this American made DTC cast iron pan company increase conversions + grow with deep content.

First launched in 2017 by brothers Chris and Stephen Muscarella on Kickstarter, Field Company was a runaway success. Starting with the lightest, smoothest, and nicest cast iron pan on the market, a new classic American brand was born — one with modernist sensibilities and an iconic product line.

Working with typography specialist Poly Studio, we created an extensible design system to support a best-in-class direct to consumer experience. This approach focused on showcasing the art and science behind Field Company's cast iron cuisine through educational content while considering ramifications for SEO and paid marketing support.

We’re a small team with very high standards. We’ve been thrilled to work with Hidden Gears and feel like we’ve put out a DTC site that can go toe-to-toe with the best brands out there — without having to raise millions of dollars to do so.

Chris Muscarella,

Field Company screenshot

Field Co is a brand that is highly attuned to the power of content marketing. They wanted to deploy recipes, cast iron seasoning content, and restaurant features as seen in their Live Fire campaign. The balance between content and commerce can be one-sided when it comes to the out-of-the-box capabilities of Shopify, so we needed to dig deeper to find a solution that would allow the client to deploy and customize rich content modules like enhanced image galleries, complex type layout, and shoppable posts.

We created a modular content system to supplement Shopify’s native blog engine and dramatically extended the possibilities for deep content. No longer confined to a single column layout or cumbersome, lengthy code snippets in the CMS, Field Company is able to produce beautiful, engaging content without creating new templates or forcing lengthy reworks, better showcasing the beauty and durability of their American-made products.